Brake Discs and Pads

For a safer journey

Standard Discs

1400 References

1300 References

Brake Pads

33 References

Discs With bearings

Industry Exclusive





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Range Development

One of the most aggressive

development programs within the aftermarket !

All supplied with a 2 year 24,000km warranty


Market Coverage

We stock in excess of 1400 brake disc and 1300 brake pad references for maximum coverage of the UK vehicle parc.

Next Day Delivery

Overnight service directly shipped from our UK warehouse facility.

Easy Ordering

Order via our simple-to-use, bespoke online catalogue system. Always aiming to supply the correct part first time.

EuroBrake has already gained reputation in Europe as a popular, German quality brand.

At our UK warehouse facility we stock over 1400 brake disc references and more than 1300 brake pad references. An impressive range that has been created to meet the volume part of the British vehicle parc.

A complete brand solution

• Market coverage within discs and pads
• Overnight delivery
• Crossdocking or dropship solutions
• Easy ordering via the EuroBrake web portal

With our in depth range and wealth of technical knowledge, together with our simple to use bespoke cataloguing system we aim to supply the correct part first time.

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In order to qualify for your 2 year wear warranty, brake pads and discs must be fitted to the same vehicle at the same time. Both discs and pads must be registered with EuroBrake. To register your items simply scan your QR code supplied in the box with your items.